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Mosaic posts update

I have the three pipes all glassed and installed. Still working on rock placement. I was rained out yesterday afternoon. I think I am going to have to go on a rock run and see if I can find a couple more "just perfect" ones to finish. Then I will place plants in the tops of each pipe. I am thinking ivys should be perfect. The little pump that runs the fountain is acting up "of course" so I have to remove rocks again and give it a whack. Weird but that gets it running again. The water pressure is just perfect for running down that pink limestone rock. I will take a video when I have it done.

Lots of suncatcher building going on in the shop too. My feather stock was way down so am working on those and hummingbirds. Suncatchers and birds on driftwood will be available in Moose Horn Lodge this summer again. Have a great day all.

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