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March came in like a lion

We didn't get the snow they had down south but we still got a foot. I think and I am hoping that is it. The last of the big storms and good weather to come. Been busy working at cards and suncatchers this week. Getting Easter flowers listed. Etsy is caught up but my Glass Art site is gonna have to wait until Thursday. Finally bringing my mom home who has been in the hospital since Dec 17th. She had a hip replaced Feb 14th.

Sending off suncatchers to Alberta, California and Connecticut tomorrow. A grain elevator, a butterfly and a cross. Should be a good day to drive, the highways are dry and clear. I always listen to audio books as I drive. Definitely makes the drive go faster. The last two books I listened to were sooooo good. Very hard to "put" down. Not My Daughter - Barbara Delinsky and Hideaway - Nora Roberts. I am not sure if it is a good or bad thing but I always have at least 3 books on the go at one time. Instead of TV I usually am listening to audiobooks or podcasts in my shop.

Well Happy National Girl Scout day.....every day has a "thing" now! I was a Brownie and a Guide. In Canada we didn't have Girl Scouts. My sister-n-law Connie though was a boy scout leader. Lots of patience there. It is also National Baked Scallops day! Um just saying give me a prawn or lobster instead!!!

Have a great week all. Take care.

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