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Custom Glass Step by Step

If you are wondering the process to come up with a design that interprets well into stained glass, here you go. So you want a oval framed Western Meadowlark suncatcher. First things first, I grab my Bird book or google and see what that bird looks like. I then draw it out on paper adding the appropriate lines for the glass pieces. Once I am happy with the bird I usually cut it out and place on the oval to determine the proper aspect and perspective. Then I sketch the background in in pencil and move the lines all over until I am happy with the placement. I do have a ring saw so there is always the odd piece I may have to cut that way but mostly it is all hand cut and ground. Then I export the sketch into my stained glass program The Glass Eye. It is an amazing program that allows you to create great designs and preview them in different sizes or colors. At this point then I can send the customer a jpg of the panel for approval or make the appropriate changes as required. Customarily I will then receive 50% down to begin. I use The Glass Eye to print off a pattern to cut with foil or lead shears. I use a glue stick to adhere it to the back side of the glass. Then the fun begins. Stay tuned for another blog post on the construction process.

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