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from the outside looking in

A lot of posts show where artisans are creating, their shops or studios. Here is one from the outside looking in. Behind these two windows are where I cut, grind and solder glass. If I don't answer the door, people usually walk over to these windows to see if I am there working. I have a great view of the bird & squirrel feeders and the lake. I have had this cute lion fountain forever. I just love it. In summer the sound of the water is so pretty and calming through the window. The Spirea looks like it is going to need a haircut or the fountain will be hidden. I have been busy getting ready for the Sask Etsy Sale July 9-11. If you are looking for great items handmade in Saskatchewan, it will be the perfect time to buy. You can find more information at

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do"

Steve Jobs

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