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Happy July - Summer has arrived

Spring has finally let go of Summer. Nice long hot days and warm evenings have arrived. The lake is warming up and the windsurfer is calling me. I wanted to show y'all the completed glass mosaic pipes and tiny waterfall feature I finished. Critiquing it, I think I will replace some of the smaller rocks with larger ones next year to add more contrast. What do you think? They really dress up this corner.

Three new items above. The cactus suncatcher is the companion to the succulent one. They are both easy care, no water required. This next one is a new pattern I designed. Hummingbirds. About the only hummingbirds we see here are only passing thru. If we are lucky they may stop for a few days. Not sure how far north they go? The Roadrunner was a custom pattern I designed for a client who had just moved to New Mexico. She also purchased the Quail on Driftwood. It sits upon an unusual piece of driftwood, not beaver chewed wood. Would be cute to have a tiny gecko on the wood or in his mouth or would that be too gory? Next one maybe.

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today" H. Jackson Brown Jr

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We carry a large amount of this stunning glass work at Moose Horn Lodge, so if you are in the neighborhood stop in and see some truly gorgeous and unique pieces.

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