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Hello spring finally

New butterflies are up on my Etsy site. They will show up on this site in a few days.

Do you ever walk into a room to do something and end up doing a completely different thing? Well, that has been me lately. I spent time this spring helping out some family with a couple moves and the downsizing/right sizing/organizing/reorganizing bug hit me. I have an extensive amount of scrap glass for mosaics so I bought 50 new containers and reorganized it all with labels. So much easier to find the one I need. I painted a couple older cabinets spur of the moment yesterday. Like I had time haha. Last week I started making these mosaic poles, I guess you could call them, for by the entrance door outside. I have a small fountain there and decided to redo it with the poles and raise the water fall as well. The fountain base is still ice though not for long.

The first picture shows what I am starting with. The fountain base is below the rocks in a barrel covered with a metal grid. The 2nd pictures shows the inspiration I found on Pinterest. My thought is to insert a plant into the tops of each pipe to cascade down. The 3rd picture show the inner pipes that are pounded into the gravel to hold the outer pipes steady and straight.The 4th picture shows the placement of the 2 taller pipes. The 5th and 6th pictures show the middle sized pipe with the glass being glued on. Once all the glass is on the pipe it will be grouted and sealed. I think they will be purple, green, ivory, and sky blue? I think. I am kind of a "do as I go girl". What feels and looks right. I plan on lifting them for winter too just in case. We get a lot of snow and the pile there is usually just under the window so they would be covered anyway. I will keep you updated on this project if I don't get too waylaid by other ones lol!!!! Have a great day y'all.

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