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Landscape transom

Procrastinating.... but I finally got the idea in my head down on paper and into the computer, into The Glass Eye. That's the program I use to design and print out patterns. I have been using it for probably about 20 years. EEEK! It is Windows based and if you know me I am a MAC girl. I kept an older laptop that runs Win 7 and it still works great. Dedicated to only that program; Oh I also use it daily hooked up to a tv in my workout room for Beachbody workouts. 276 last year but who's counting!!!

The sketch started as a photo of the road leading down to the lake where I live. I really didn't need a photo for this one as I have been around that corner many many times since I was born. You don't want to know how long that is lol! So basically I sketch out the idea, then I draw it out life size (12x48) and then I scan it into my Glass Eye program where I redraw it and color it. Then I can play with the lines and colors until I am happy and the customer is happy with it. This is a custom order transom for a sewing room looking into a man cave that will have African animals on the wall. I can't wait till it is installed and I have some pictures. Once the pattern is approved then I print out 2 copies to size. One of the copies is placed on my worktable and the other one is cut out (usually by my mom .....

slave labour shhh!). Then the fun begins.

I will do a couple more blogs showing y'all the rest of the process. Mallory had to say hi. She loves cardboard rolls as you can tell! Stay healthy out there.

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