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New birds for you

Just listed some new birds on driftwood. The Belted Kingfisher is an especially pretty bird made with an amazing slate blue glass. This was my first Raven that I used navy glass alongside the black. Adds a bit of variety to the Ravens. Their feathers do have a blue hue when viewed in just the right light. Can't wait for the ice to go out on the lake so I can get back out there finding just the right wood for bases. It really doesn't matter how much wood I have I seem to always be looking for a particular piece. Mostly for the sets, two or 3 birds. I have this really great piece that totally looks like a carved banister with a ball on top. The beaver that chewed that one was a true artist. I am still waiting for the right bird to put on it. Nothing really has screamed at me that this is the wood for them yet.

Share a comment below about what backyard bird is your favourite and why?

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