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Been ignoring my social again. Busy updating product in the galleries. Heading to Fort St John, BC the end of this month to deliver glass to Artisan Farmhouse who is moving to a new location and rebranding at Farmhouse on Main. Excited to see the new store. Of course very excited to see my grandkids and family too.

This is a sunflower suncatcher that was a custom order. I really love it, especially in the sun. I will definitely make some for the website. These are Ibis birds. Custom order shipped to the US. The customer really liked these birds so we made her 2 pairs. The first pair was on wood and the bodies were a little more compact. The second set we elongated the body and changed the gray feathers to white. There will be a single bird on wood up on my site soon.

I took this amazing fall photo in the morning of September 20th. The colors this year were absolutely astounding. We just never had an early frost so the colors of many leaves were able to turn a vibrant yellow, orange and red. Came across this moose family one day driving to town, here's hoping they survived hunting season. My Virginia Creeper was very red this year too. The next three photos show the last haul of driftwood for 2023. Lots of new beaver houses being built on the lake this year. The last photo is one lonely poplar tree I have been noticing on my travels down the Hansen Lake Road....I took this on the 11th... I wish I had taken it when I first saw it on the 4th of October. Too lazy to stop. So it wasn't nearly as great but still pretty nice. Our leaves now have pretty much all fallen and the trees are mostly bare. This is the worst season until the snow covers everything. So blah and brown. Not that I want to see snow too soon.

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