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social media master plan

Lately I have been doing some major procrastination regarding posting regularly on social media. Instagram and Facebook. A couple days ago I got out a notebook. (A really neat handmade leather tooled one I found in Peru) I started making a plan. Did some research on the net regarding post ideas, optimum times to post, photo sizing, and hashtag ideas. My goal is to post 3x per week to begin with. Thursday, Sunday Funday and Tuesday. I think the my real issue was "what do I post". I was under the impression all my posts should deal with stained glass and my business. I hate to admit it but I was wrong lol! According to my research, I am to post about a myriad of things as well as my business to engage you...the customer. I am working on a calendar to plan out the posts. I have created an Excel file to keep track of my postings and stats for each post. How much do I love Excel? It is totally in my Top 5 favourite and most used programs on my computer. I am pretty pumped about my plan. I don't do well or enjoy self promotion so I am going to have to push myself to make this a habit. I hope everyone will enjoy the posts and not find them annoying. I really appreciate the word of mouth, post shares, likes and tags. Enjoy your day.

"If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future,

focus on living fully in the present."

Roy T. Bennett

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