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Summers end...

It has been a busy summer but time to get back to blogging and catching y'all up with what is going on in the shop.

I had a visit a couple weeks ago from a Great Blue Heron. He was at my backdoor having a sip of the dogs water??? There is a whole lake to drink from and he chose Mallory's water. It was just good luck I even saw him there. Beautiful and majestic bird up that close. Massive wingspan. Maybe he saw the metal herons in my algae filled pond and thought this was a good spot? My interpretation in glass has been added to my birds on driftwood lineup.

A picture of Kiwi added for fun. He seems to be quite comfortable now living here since April. Talking up a storm and throwing food around his cage. Not very interested in all the toys I have for him. He likes the cardboard boxes best! He is doing a bit of a feather molt right now so I am collecting feathers for fun projects.

Next blog I will catch you up on some custom orders done this summer and some neat wall hangings I made. Take care.

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