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Happy Fall Y'all

The leaves have all fallen now and blown away. We have entered the dull brown blah stage of fall. Not that I am hoping for snow anytime soon. It can stay away until December.

These are some things that I have been working on this fall. You can find the Lobster and Dragonfly suncatchers on Etsy and they will be on the website soon. The bridge is a commission I built, adapted from a photo. It is the Nipawin, SK old CPR bridge. It is known for being uniquely crooked at both ends. I have many memories of driving across this old beauty when I was a teenager. Back in those days it was 2 lane and it was nothing to pass by other vehicles. At some point in time it changed to 1 lane with a light at each end. Guess drivers now don't have the same skills we had haha. Unfortunately it was decommissioned this spring due to age and issues. The panel is a nice way to remember this historic landmark.

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